Have you actually been diagnosed?

Hi guys! It’s Amber ❤ Before I start this blog I just wanted to apologise that neither me or Evie have been very active these last couple of months. I’m sure you could all agree that time has just flown by and I can’t believe it’s Easter already! (Happy Easter everyone!)

Todays blog is about how people mistreat the word ‘mental illnesses,’ and was inspired by my little brother who claimed he had OCD. After attending a marvellous talk by Holly Bourne, an excellent author and feminist, about one of her many books, ‘Am I normal yet?’ I started to be more careful about how I throw around and misuse words like OCD, anxiety and depression. Now these are only a few of many mental illnesses that people claim to have and of course many of them may actually suffer, this is what makes it worse when people use these very serious terms in a jokey way.

If you had asked me at moments where I was at a low, ‘Do you have depression? or Do you have anxiety?’ then I probably would have said yes. However, (I can’t say I don’t still do that),  I haven’t actually been to my local GP and asked him to run tests on me etc… to state whether or not I am actually diagnosed with a mental illness. It’s hard to put what I feel in words but I think that the more people throw around words like ‘OCD’ and ‘Paranoia,’ the less important and serious they become. At the time saying something like ‘Omg my room’s so tidy I am so OCD,’ may get a laugh from your friends but what about that one person in the corner of the room that can’t watch you eat a bag of crisps with your fingers, whilst your spraying crumbs all over the bedroom floor? Just because you like to line all your pens up in a straight line, or arrange the erasers on your desk before a test, it does not mean or give you a right to claim that your OCD.

So, to conclude, think before you speak and if you actually match up to the symptoms of a certain mental illness, then pay a visit to your doctor and know your not alone. I hope no one was offended by my rant (!) and if your interested in this topic like I am, then check out Holly Bourne’s book about a young girl struggling to cope with a strong case of ‘OCD.’

I hope you all had a good Easter, and we would love to hear about what you did on our recent instagram post. If you have any suggestions or comments please let us know and check out our instagram page; @wave.tothecamera

We will be sure to write again soon xx

Adios,                                                                                                                                             Amber x


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