What’s to come in Summer 2k17

Hey, it’s Evie again,

I feel super summery today and I’m not too sure why….maybe its the fact that I’m listening to a summer playlist? Anyway, this got me excited for things to come in summer so I thought I would share with you some things that I am looking forward to.

On March the 7th my little brother is due and I’m super excited to meet him and I’m also excited for his baby shower on the 4th of February (I know these aren’t summer but it’s still Spring!!). I hope that I will be able to do lots of fun summery things with him and take him to my local sailing club to have some fun!

Developing on that, I can’t wait to do more sailing and have lots of fun days doing what I love with the people I love. Additionally, in March my club are investing in 6 new race toppers to which I am going to be able to sail which means that I will be able to participate in many more competitions and have more of a chance.

Me and Amber are going to see the Vamps in concert in May and I am BUZZING!

I’m interested to see how this blog works out in Summer but one thing I do know is that there will be lots more interesting blog posts and fun times!

Lots of Love Evie xx





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