New Years Resolutions ?

Hey it’s Evie!

Today I thought that I would talk about something quite relevant to this Image result for new year s resolutionstime of year….New Years Resolutions. I for one have always been disastrous at making and keeping these resolutions but I will list some I thought of below.

  • Drink More Water
  • Go to the library more and try different types of books
  • Try new things and try hard at whatever I do try
  • Focus hard o my sailing
  • And finally develop this blog as much as possible

There are my 5 resolutions which I probably wont end up sticking to…oops!

Image result for new year s resolutionsNow this morning before school I saw a post which showed a different perspective on New Years Resolutions. It made me think that I am only 13 I have only had 13 New years and probably only 8 where I understood what New Years Resolutions were so that only gives me 8 chances to change but Everyone needs to change over that amount of times.

See you soon (probably with a much more upbeat post)

Evie xx



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