Hey Internet!+Spinster Club Review

Hey! As there is two of us on this anonymous blog we have decided that we need names that reflect who we are so that you know who is typing! So we thought that we could use names from one of our favourite series…The Spinster Series by Holly Bourne! I (The one writing this, situated on the left of the about us photo) would be labelled Evie and the other half ofImage result for spinster club series this account would be labelled Amber.

For our first blog we have decided to write about one of our favourite authors, Holly Bourne, as she has created such a big influence on the way we think. The spinster club series is shown from the different point of view of three teenage girls: Evie, Amber and Lottie.

The first book in the series is called “Am I Normal Yet” which is an emotional story of the young girl Evie who has OCD and how she struggles through college. I found Evie’s story very interesting as it gave me an insight to the way that someone with OCD thinks and feels and why they do certain things. I also think that this book showed many feminist factors which made me change my way of thinking .

The second book in the series is called “How Hard Can Love Be?” and is a story about a girl called Amber who after 5-7 years meets her mum in America after she abandoned her. The story shows how she falls in love and how she deals with the problems thrown at her.  We found ourselves hooked onto this book, unable to put it down and really empathising with Amber and understanding her as a character as if we knew her personally.

Lots of love Evie and Amber




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