My trip to A&E😬🚑

Hiya girls and guys! This is ‘Amber’! Happy New Year! I know we said we would be posting weekly however I had a very unexpected trip to the hospital yesterday around lunchtime, that I thought I would share with you 🙂

Yesterday morning, me and Evie didn’t start the day how we had planned! We went to sleep around midnight, and as we normally wake up quite early, we thought it would be nice to go on a long walk and do some more photography before our 12am trampolining session, at a local trampolining park. However, We accidentally slept in until 11:30am! Leaving us 15 mins to get ready for trampolining and no time to go for a walk!

10 minutes late, we finally arrived at the trampolining park and quickly joined our friends. Around 10 mins into our session I decided to do a front flip on the rock solid trampolines, and unfortunately I landed funny, on my right shoulder.

When me and my mum reached the hospital, I had to take four disgusting tablets and then wait for a doctor to come and look at my shoulder, to see whether I’d fractured or broken anything. A really nice doctor called Matthew, then took me to this amazing assessment room which had loads of cool lights in and a projector that showed the surface of a unknown planet! After many strange arm exercises and a discussion about the amount of pain I was in, he went to talk to his senior doctor to see whether or not I needed an X-ray. Luckily I haven’t done anything serious and had just sprained a muscle in my shoulder whicb prevented me from looking over that shoulder!

After a few hours of allowing my neck to heal, I was ready for our New Years Eve party that made me forget all about it! I’m sure Evie will tell you all about it later!

I hope you all have a Happy New Year!

Best Wishes,                                           Amber xxx


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